Favorite photos so far

My uncle took me on a massive tour of Tokyo on my 3rd day in Japan. In Shibuya I tried to sneak a photo of these girls as they walked past. Obviously I didn’t quite get by unnoticed.

Skyscrapers made for some crazy angles outside of Shinjuku Station (one of Tokyo’s commercial centers)

These were all from temple complexes in Ueno, the site of a sort of “last samurai” battle in 1868 when the Meiji government took over.

My first view of Yokohama (where the Meiji government dumped all the foreigners) as I stepped out of Sakuragicho Station.

Li, Alonna and some beautiful architecture in Yokohama

Yokohama has the biggest, busiest Chinatown in Asia (outside of China…)

I’m really happy with this one, of the famous crossing outside of Shibuya Station. The photo doesn’t show how ridiculously many people there are 24/7 at this particular intersection.

My station, Higashi-koganei, at sunset

Possibly my favorite photo! I loved how it turned out in these sections of primary colors, not to mention the juxtaposition of local and global cuisine 🙂


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