T-minus 5 days…

Welcome to “A gaijin in Japan”! From August 27th to December 5th, I’ll be writing and posting photos about my experiences as I study abroad at International Christian University near Tokyo.

I leave in 5 days and frankly, I’m pretty stir-crazy. So many people have been telling me what an amazing time I’m going to have and how incredible Japan will be that I’m pretty sick of it. I mean, of course everyone means well, and I’m sure I will have a great time. But the anticipation is killing me!

I haven’t started packing yet (one person today told me that packing isn’t any fun unless you leave it to the last minute) but other than that, I’m ready for the trip. Except for the terror that occasionally surfaces as I contemplate living in a foreign country for 3 1/2 months. 🙂


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